‘Surely there has always been time, hasn’t there?’ That was the question that set me thinking. Many other questions followed on, such as:

If there has always been time, then how old is God?

If all things were made by the Lord Jesus Christ, does this include time and if not, why not?

If time was a part of creation, then what effect does that have on our theology and theories about how everything began?

As these and other questions are examined, some radical conclusions emerge that are rarely considered.

Many are seeking a deeper and closer relationship with God. One of the major obstacles standing in the way is time itself. In finding the answers to this most basic of problems, the way opens up into the timeless zone of eternity.

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A Question of Identity

‘Come on, it is a simple question,’ said the professor to his students. ‘This God that we know so much about and yet seem to know so little, do we even know His Name?’

The professor’s question is a valid one. There are numerous names adopted by God in the Bible, each one describing one glorious facet or another by which He has chosen to reveal Himself. Behind the names is that awesome Triune Presence that is both unknown and unknowable apart from He has chosen to disclose.

One of the identities that God has chosen is that of Creator. This is an identity that is full of exciting discovery in that it is for us, today. A powerful identity that we can experience and move in.

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